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  1. Obtaining of a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts


    Obtaining of a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Arts at Bordeaux 3 university

  2. Job at Mollat bookshop

    April 2010

    Sale and logistical in the France biggest independent bookshop.

  3. Webdesigner and integrator permanent contract at BoltOn

    December 2010

    This post first allowed me to make my first steps as designer and integrator then I finally had the role of lead designer with the management of designers’ team.

  4. UI/UX designer and integrator permanent contract at Eclypsia in England

    November 2013

    Work in England to perfect my level of English and discover new professional horizons. I worked for the site specialized on video games Eclypsia by searching to improve the user experience and the design for a version of the site.

  5. UI/UX designer and integrator permanent contract at Digital Junkies agency in England

    June 2014

    Work in England to perfect my level of English. I produced numerous templates for some customers and realized their integrations.

  6. UI/UX designer permanent contract at Wopata

    January 2015

    Back in Bordeaux for this post of UI/UX designer of web and mobile applications which many was for the medical domain with customers such as Sanofi. I was able to perfect my knowledge of ergonomics on mobile displays by trying to obtain the best user experience according to the request made by the customers.

  7. UI/UX designer and integrator permanent contract at Highten agency

    April 2015

    ‘highten’, engagement marketing agency focus on B2B. They propose solutions for incentive companies to improve sales and turnover. A big work on ergonomics and design of websites allowing a use in professional environment for big international brands such as Mercedes, Yves Rocher, Heineken or still Mondelez.

  8. Creation of Digital Alchemy

    January 2018 to today

    Beginning of the adventure of freelance work with the creation of my society.

  9. Mission pour Dekra Automotive Solutions

    November 2019 to August 2022

    Mission as a UI/UX designer for Dekra Automotive Solutions Bordeaux for the complete overhaul of their applications and sites. Agile environment, support for Product owners, creation of complete design systems and production of Figma low and high definition models.


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